Goodbye, Kings
The Cliché of Falling Leaves



Release Date
May 26, 2022


1. Part I – Autumn
2. Part II – Winter
3. Part III – Spring
4. Part IV – Summer
5. Part V – Autumn… Again


The follow-up to the critically acclaimed “A Moon Daguerrotype” by the art rock ensemble from Milan, Italy. “The Cliché Of Falling Leaves” is the fourth album from the “post-rock poets” of Lombardy Goodbye, Kings, the milanese music ensemble who contaminate their instrumental rock with the influences of jazz, post-rock and folk in a formula defined as “instrumental soundtrack for a never made european retro movie“.

But this time an actual movie is also part of the spectacle.

The album deals with one single piece of music, on the basis of a symphonic poem, based on a narrative scheme and recurrent patterns. Sixteen musicians collaborated to this 43 minutes suite, from horns, clarinets, saxes, double-basses and many other classical timbres. Goodbye, Kings became a massive art-rock orchestra for the occasion, enlightening all the post-rock spectrum and producing a concept movie performed by contemporary dancers. The seasons of nature and life found their iconic representation in ancient myths, memories and cultures but all of them were part of a great cycle of death and rebirth. The leaves that fall are still the iconic visualization of the things that end, a cliché that was used by many poets, an ancient and very common metaphor for poetry and existence itself.

Goodbye, Kings were born in the late 2012 in Milan, Italy.
The debut lp “Au Cabaret Vert“- based on Toulouse Lautrec‘s paintings and Arthur Rimbaud and Masaoka Shiki‘s poems – was released in November 2014.

The critically acclaimed follow-up album “Vento” was released on the 7th of November 2016 via Argonauta Records and it was inspired by myths, legends and poems about the wind.

On December 9th 2017 a new song called “Targa Florio, 1906” was featured in a split album with canadian band Spruce Trap and it dealt with the bravery and madness of the first pilot soldiers of the beginning of the twentieth century.

A Moon Daguerreotype”, the third album, was released in May 2019 and it tried to reconnect with the sky, through the ancient traditional eye of the camera obscura and the daguerreotype tecnique.

The fourth album speaks in one track, on the basis of the symphonic poem, with a narrative structure based on the cycle of the existence and the turning of seasons. It is called “The Cliché Of Falling Leaves“. A film representation with dance performers was also shot to follow the piece.