C'mon Tigre



Release Date
November 24, 2023
Europe excluding Italy


1. Goodbye Reality
2. The Botanist (feat. Seun Kuti)
3. Teen Age Kingdom (feat. Xênia França)
4. Sixty Four Seasons
5. Nomad At Home
6. Odiame
7. Sento Un Morso Dolce (feat. Giovanni Truppi)
8. Na Dança Das Flores
9. Keep Watching Me (feat. Arto Lindsay)



C’mon Tigre Unveils Fourth album “Habitat“: A Ode to the Richness of Natural Environments

C’mon Tigre, the innovative music collective known for their genre-blending compositions, is set to release their highly anticipated fourth album “Habitat”. Drawing inspiration from the concept of an ecosystem where various forms of life, both animal and vegetal, thrive and coexist, the album takes listeners on a sonic journey through the intricate and ever-evolving nature’s theater.

Habitat” is a testament to the power of musical fusion, connecting distant worlds and illustrating the interconnectedness between them. C’mon Tigre’s ability to blend influences from distant corners of the world enriches their music and visual imagery, creating a tapestry of sonic beauty that mirrors the diversity of the habitat itself. The album is deeply influenced by rhythms coming from Brazilian tradition, the backbone is rooted in samba, forro, through instruments and tempos that come from this cultural magnificence. However, it retains the African jazz, electronic, and mixed influences that have characterized the project thus far. Connecting the dots, the result is a richly layered and genre-defying soundscape.

To further confirm its global reach the album boasts a stellar lineup of collaborations, featuring musical luminaries who bring their own distinct flavors to the project. Among these are Seun Kuti, heir to the legacy of the legendary Fela Kuti, whose afrobeat roots infuse the album with a potent and infectious energy. Also gracing the tracks is Xenia Franca, a dynamic Brazilian artist hailing from São Paulo, whose unique perspective adds a vibrant layer of cultural richness. Arto Lindsay, recognized as a pivotal figure in the world of experimental music, lends his inimitable style, while Giovanni Truppi, one of the most compelling voices in contemporary Italian music. The union also continues with the Californian collective Drumetrics which featured on C’mon tigre’s records since their debut in 2014. These collaborations bridge geographical gaps and tell a story of a world that may appear vast and remote but is, in reality, intimately interconnected.

C’Mon Tigre invites you to join them on this musical odyssey, where this blending of cultures and influences generates beauty and reinforces the profound interconnectedness of all human beings. “Habitat” is not just an album, it is a celebration of the intricate dance of existence and the harmonious coexistence of diverse life forms.

C’mon Tigre’s “Habitat” is set to be released on November 24th and will be available on vinyl and on all major streaming platforms. It’s a musical journey that witness the musical fusion that transcends borders, bringing us all closer to the heart of nature.