Karine Germaix



Self Released
Release Date
February 14 2020


1. Je Brûle
2. L’Apnée
3. Des Mots Crazy
4. Le Pressoir
5. Tout est Dense


With the timbre and modulations of her voice, Karine Germaix explores with passion the complexity of the feelings of love. She exposes and reveals the multiple facets of her accordion in a resolutely modern approach. Accompanied by Flavio Maciel de Souza on bass and Didier Fontaine on drums, this unexpected trio frees itself from musical styles. It could be described as original, urban, modern, powerful and capable of cracking the most hardened hearts!

Since she was a child, Karine was rocked by songs. She started playing the accordion at the age of 13. Gifted, she quickly earned her pocket money playing with ball orchestras. At the age of 18, this popular accordion and its “musette” accents put her off so she set her instrument aside and devoted herself to acoustics-science studies. At 25, she decided to re-discover her instrument through classical music, being also fond of contemporary and experimental music (she won the 1st Accordion Award CNR Nantes). At the same time, she continued taking lessons with the great international Masters and developped her knowledge of the instrument with scientific precision.

With bands such as Rue d’la Gouaille, Orange Blossom, Laoun Sharki… Karine performed countless times on belgian, french and international stages. Curious by nature, she has collaborated as an accordionist, singer and actress with contemporary dance, theater and circus companies, taking the accordion to unexpected places. Based in Belgium since 2013, Karine likes to take side roads and has fun exploring many different styles.

Her first solo album Ondes étourdies – which was self-produced and released in 2013 – oscillates between songs and sound experiments, and even Noise. Karine Germaix plays an accordion which is modern, with bewitching mechanics, and blended with intriguing poetry.

On Incandescence, Karine worked with drummer Didier Fontaine and bassist Flavio Maciel de Souza. Both followed her on her rhythmic and melodic paths, devoid of any concession. The songs, poems of Mickaël Serré serve a dark and melancholic mood, sprinkled with mischievous lights. The musical lineage of this trio is hard to pinpoint because it is a tasty mix of Karine Germaix’s openness and musical meanderings.

The five songs oscillate between the incandescent ardor of the carnal embrace, evoking the fire (Je Brûle), or asphyxiation caused by a toxic relationship that makes you lose your foot (L’Apnée) … Other titles are more anchored and connected to terrestrial elements, such as Des Mots Crazy, hymn to love and democracy, or Sur Le Pressoir (Gaston Couté / The Twisted) celebrating grape and pagan grape harvests. Finally, like the caress of the breeze, Tout est Dense closes this record in a evocation full of lightness that hypnotizes our ears. The lyrics of Mickaël Serré / Mickomix have a musicality, reminiscent of Gainsbourg, and are full of double meaning, giving us various interpretations. Mickomix, also illustrates each of these pieces in the manner of a Tarot game, giving us some key elements allowing another reading of these songs.

The alchemy of the songs and its rhythmic entanglements give this music a strangeness, and a magnetism, which it is difficult to resist.

The CD is accompanied by limited edition silk screen cards signed and numbered by artist Mickomix. Each of these cards illustrates the songs in the manner of a tarot game. They are available printed with the CD and as high definition files with digital download format.