Hermetic Delight



October Tone / The Animal Farm
Release Date
June 27, 2023


1. Inci


In just over ten years of existence, the band Hermetic Delight has already lived several musical lives. Over the course of its releases (three EPs and a first album released in 2020) and its explorations, the Strasbourg-based band has gradually enriched its post-punk sound signature with pop impulses and avant-garde music.

The group was born around Zeynep Kaya, a singer from the punk and feminist circles of Ankara who came to France to pursue lyrical, jazz and improvised music, Delphine Padilla, a drummer and performer from the dance world, and Atef Aouadhi, a self-taught musician who also distinguished himself as a bassist with the group Crocodiles.

In 2019, Hermetic Delight began composing F.A. Cult, a first album sung in three languages (French, Turkish and English) which was released the following year and which saw the trio surround themselves with artists such as the American Charles Rowell of the group Crocodiles and the British Anna Calvi. Praised by the critics (Rolling Stone, Rock & Folk, Magic, etc.), this long-format album finally allowed the band to deliver the fruit of their sonic research and to open their musical spectrum, somewhere between hypnotic rhythm and heady melody, a certain deviant pop.

Signed on the October Tone label in France (Amor Blitz, T/O, La Houle, Bleu Nuit, etc…) and The Animal Farm in England, the trio is back with a series of singles to be released in 2023, which they will notably defend at the mythical Great Escape in Brighton next May.

After releasing Tied Up late February (the band’s first track since the release of F.A. Cult), Hermetic Delight is back with a second single entitled Inci: “Inci has been through a lot. She had to leave her world to get by. She tries to exist here, but something inside her is left behind. But Inci is strong and inspires her people. She shows the way.”