Irina Nëstor
One Day You’ll Miss Today



Self Released
Release Date
July 5, 2019
Europe except Italy


1. ‘Night, Mr. Lenin
2. Arpeggio Means Nothing
3. Milgram
4. Alpha
5. Hawaii
6. Now
7. Radio Guerrilla
8. Pride Of Nations


Irina Nëstor is an instrumental post-rock band, born in Rome in 2017 from an encounter between five musicians active for a long time in the Italian national underground panorama (Zerofans, Rocky Horror Fuckin’ Shit, Sparkling Elements, Winter Severity Index, Two Naked Oceans).

Right from the start they have embarked on an intense live activity, gaining an increasing attention and qualifying as finalists in major Italian music competitions, such as “Biennale MArteLive 2017” and “Rock On Parade 2019”.

Irina Nëstor’s music ranges from rock, post rock and electronic with a particular predilection for instrumental, alternative, trip hop, ambient, IDM. Their main influences are Mogwai, Depeche Mode, Trentemøller, The Cure, Sleep Party People, Aphex Twin, Do Make Say Think, Massive Attack, Bonobo, GYBE, God is an astronaut.

The live show is the natural dimension for the band, in which the artistic prerogatives of compositions take shape; a passionate and immersive performance, accompanied by live visuals by Vjit3 – a collective of video artists active since 2010 that ranges from videoclips and A/V live performances, always suspended between music, theatre, philosophy and cinema.

In March 2019 the band released One day you’ll miss today for Italian audiences. It will be officially released in Europe on July 5 2019.

The album is an investigation through sounds regarding the dichotomy between the transience of life and the inevitable striving towards desire that belongs to every human being.

Line Up
Dario Britti: Electric guitars.
Giangiacomo Ponzo: Drum, Drum Pad.
Antonio D’Antuono: Electric guitars.
Flavio Crinelli: Synths, Laptop, Programming.
Donato Rossini: Electric bass.