Alessandro Incorvaia
It Emerged to Hold Me



Shimmering Moods Records
Release Date
July 1, 2022


1. Always been there
2. And now it holds me, completely
3. From one side to the other, from one side to the other
4. Live them again and close them
5. Solace
6. A part of me and I’ll take care of



It emerged to hold me is the first solo album by Alessandro Incorvaia, an Italian musician currently living in London.

The album was written and recorded between January and March 2021, in the middle of a depressive period involving burn-out. While making music was part of the therapy and its connected daily routine, this music suddenly became the score and soundtrack of those months and of the process that was unfolding at that time. As such, It emerged to hold me is inspired by and dedicated to those emotional and mental states that are somewhere dormant inside for a while, but then start to gradually manifest and take control of the individual, up to the moment of holding them completely.

Music wise, It emerged to hold me is built around layers of synths, guitars, keyboards and samples which blur and mold into each other to create rarefied and dreamy moments of floating calm from where storms and heaviness slowly emerge.

The album has been mixed and mastered during the summer of 2021 by Piernicola Di Muro (aka Bewider) at his Wider Studio Music in Rome, while the artwork is by polish tattoo artist, illustrator and designer Uls Metzger (Dogma Noir).

It emerged to hold me is released by Shimmering Moods, an independent boutique ambient label based in Amsterdam. In the last couple of years, Shimmering Moods released albums by Andrew Sherwell, Halftribe, Andrew Tasselmyer, Anthéne, øjeRum, Danny Scott Lane, Olan Mill, among the many recognized names in its quickly growing roaster of artists. It can be easy to get lost in its catalogue among the hazy, shuffling, dubbed-out sounds, glinting and shimmering, reflecting the light off the still misty waters. This is a very tranquil and radiant place, slightly subdued in its faint hazy colours. The music offers the listener a soundtrack for daydreaming, walks around the city or in nature, creative activities, meditation, or invites them to a fully concentrated listen. Every limited release is lovingly packaged, handmade, and bespoke.

Alessandro Incorvaia has been involved in some less known projects between 2016 and 2018. He worked together with Giordano Simoncini, under the moniker Hornschaft, an experience of images and sounds which culminated in Check Out, an Art Photography Book & Record exploring the concept of ‘checking out’ through excess, exposure and death.

He also played the second bass guitar in the first LP, Dobrze to już było, of the polish noise-psych-punk band Artykuły Rolne and recorded 3 albums with the impro/free duo Covarino/Incorvaia, released by Preserved Sound (Chiodi, Perugia) and Whitelabrecs (Granada).