Julien Boudart
Nome Polycephale
Ancient and Modern Myths vol. 1



Carton Records
Release Date
April 9, 2021


1. Ankrousis
2. Gorgo
3. To the land of Hyperboreans
4. Iambikon
5. At the edge towards the night
6. Perseus (spondeion)
7. Golden rain
8. Marsyas
9. Song of libation




Julien Boudart (Serge Modular synthesizer, field recording, nonlinear speakers), has been performing and composing on electronic music instruments since the mid 90’s. He made his first musical experiments on crude diy circuits, a modded radioshack toy organ and a pair of cassette decks. He has been active in the parisian free party scene until the beginning of the 00’s. He then focused more on collaborations with acoustic performers, often in context of collective improvisation. The Korg MS20, which he has been playing since 1996, has long been his instrument of choice. Modular synths, particularly the Serge, have been taking an increasing role in its music since 2015. Aside his solo works, he is involved in a handful of regular bands, works for theater, radio and multimedia performances.

Coming from a background of mathematics and social science, he also pursues a theoretical work since the 90’s.

He is part of Printemps, a musical-and-more performance named after the Arab Spring, created in 2013 and still evolving today (lineup: Sylvaine Hélary, Antonin Rayon, Toma Gouband, Alexis Forestier, Arthur Grand and Anne Palomérès). He is playing in Frederick Galiay’s Chamæleo Vulgaris (along with Antoine Viard, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Sébastien Brun and Franck Vaillant), and in Seb Brun’s Horns (along with Timothée Quost and Clément Vercelletto).

His own projects include la Condition pneumatique, an optical and musical stage performance with artist Anaïs Rousset, inspired by the gold “orphic” tablets. The textility of making, with Anaïs Rousset as well, a performance for an electronically extended loom and a modular synth. And his solo work on modular synthesizers. In 2020 he achieves his first solo album, Nome Polycephale, composed on the Serge modular.

Nome Polycephale is the result of a work on the Serge Modular with nonlinear diffuseurs, started in 2015 at la Muse en Circuit, continued at Elektronmusikstudion. It is the first volume of an «ancient and modern myths» series.

Based on an ancient lost tune and on a myth told by Pindar, Nome Polycephale is about: the murder of a gorgon. The invention of a musical instrument. The power of snake sounds. Trance and possession. Pure destruction. Civilizing gods and heroes fighting reptilian figures of chaos and being haunted by them. “Civilization” being essentially identical to its fantasized ennemies. All those things being clear to us again, living as we are in an age of global terror and devastation.