Into Orbit



Ironcald Productions
Release Date
May 1, 2019


1. Shifter
2. Between Stars
3. Crystallise
4. Summoning
5. Nil
6. Emergence
7. Burial Mask
8. Pale Sky
9. Horus



From sublime heights to shadowy depths, the music of New Zealand instrumental duo Into Orbit transcends the borders of post-rock, post-metal, and experimental rock. Guitarist Paul Stewart and drummer Ian Moir’s songs traverse heavyweight, melodic, and melancholic territory, building vivid soundscapes along the way. Into Orbit’s music has been described as “mesmerizing”, “rapturous” and “beguiling”, and like the work of their peers — Russian Circles, Jakob, and Mogwai — the band’s cathartic songs have been embraced by fans the world over.

In May 2019, European audiences will get their first chance to witness Into Orbit’s dramatic, ever-evolving live show. Stewart and Moir’s dynamic performances, where arcing riffs and crashing crescendos assail subtle ethereality, have met with acclaim. Exploring the tension between control and ferocity, Stewart and Moir’s instinctual musical chemistry is writ large.

Touring Europe is a long-held dream for Into Orbit. “We’re extremely excited about playing overseas for the first time,” Stewart notes. “Our debut proved popular with fans overseas, and being an instrumental band we’ve always found our music has appeal in the further reaches of the globe. We’re looking forward to sharing the Into Orbit live experience with new audiences far from our hometown of Wellington.

Into Orbit’s European tour is timed to coincide with the release of their brand new full-length, Kinesis. Into Orbit’s aesthetic parameters are once again expanded on the band’s third album, with Stewart and Moir pushing past previous songwriting boundaries. More texturally nuanced tracks on Kinesis test the extremes of Into Orbit’s sound, with the album operating in a heavier, groove-based setting compared to previous releases.

It’s not all roiling riffs and ferocious percussion. While some songs double down on their hard-hitting presence, Kinesis also finds Into Orbit showing greater restraint, with some songs remaining sparse throughout. As always, Kinesis’ tracks were honed live, with Stewart and Moir reworking their songs and adding loops and effects. Continued creative confidence deepens Kinesis’ expressiveness and impact; as on the band’s previous albums, Caverns (2014) and Unearthing (2017), Into Orbit remain committed to challenging themselves by exploring boundless sonic terrain.

Hypnotic, heavenly, or heavy as a funeral, Into Orbit’s music exhibits both beauty and darkness. Like the work of NZ instrumental rock titans Jakob and Kerretta, Into Orbit’s heart-gripping music has drawn critical applause from far offshore. The band’s upcoming European tour will draw heavily from their new material, but fan favourites from both Caverns and Unearthing will also appear. Don’t miss one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most creatively adventurous bands.