New Strife Lands



À Tant Rêver du Roi
Release Date
May 6, 2022


1. Étambot
2. Anytime
3. Cracky
4. Charismatik
5. Coursive
6. Stolen Cage
7. Palan
8. Trippy
9. Embellie
10. Could be
11. Syzygie
12. The Only One Solution
13. Cabaner
14. Absent Again
15. Mac II
16. Guindeau
17. Étrave


Formed by four energetic and creative spirits, this is in the corridors of a music school that Adrien, Thomas, Léo and Dany met. They start listening to music, and end up playing together. Then a free music emerges, tinged with many influences and a desire not to lock oneself in a box. The quartet likes the idea of being a mix and offers the possibility of changing their style at any time.

From this meeting was born KITCH, which released in 2018 a first album titled “Henger”. A few months later, it is in the same Britany farmhouse that KITCH returns to lock themselves and compose. Feeding a little more live and musical nuances, they come back from this trip with new songs, ready to hit the road for a first tour. Experimentation remaining their favorite playground, KITCH returns in 2020 with a new sound odyssey, a second album entitled “Calame” where riffs and melodies intertwine in their own universe.

In a new creative way, the group walks little by little into a universe where the intimate takes its place. “New Strife Lands” is composed in the wake of “Calame” with a desire to talk about deeper subjects: anxiety, fulfillment, existence, conflict… In short, all these positive or negative turbulences that build us.

New Strife Lands” is an instinctive, visceral album that sets the scene for a new era, a new future of which KITCH offers you a one-way ticket, without return (for now).

Line up
Adrien Maillet — Key Lead, Key Bass, Machine
Thomas Loureiro — Drums, Machine
Leopold Riou — Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Dany Boutin — Guitar, Vocals, Bass