Nature Scene Records
Release Date
February 7, 2020


1. Soft Calls
2. The Overlay
3. Emotional Tides
4. Never Talk


Kreda is an Anglo-Slovene musical trio, devoted to experimental leftfield pop; bitter-sweet atmospheres and virtually spatialized sound-scapes mirror the natural landscape of everyday drama and war-games.

The ‘Crest’ EP is a collaboration between musicians Yila, Mina, Matevž and visual artist Atej Tutta.

It will be officially released on February 7, 2020 via Nature Scene Records.

In January 2020, Kreda will release the music video for the song ‘Emotional tides’.

Emotional tides’ is a journey through Venetian canals, an intimate daydream, a timeless story that represents greatness in normality and the acceptance of the historical burden as a metaphor for emotion in personal relationships.

Working directly from Atej’s visuals, the group used the video to compose a sonic journey through song form using binaural and virtual ambisonic techniques.

Kreda are:

Mina Špiler – singer / songwriter, who has released three albums with the band Melodrom (Nika Records), and three with Laibach (Mute records), a performing/touring artist involved in all major ‘Laibach’ projects of the recent decade, including the infamous concert/documentary ‘Liberation Day’ in North Korea.

Matevž Kolenc – Musical artist, best known for his work with groups Melodrom and Laibach. He scores numerous theatre pieces, performances and films. In recent years, he has focused on the manipulation of the listener’s perception of music, the connections between emotional responses and the perception of the spatial image. Using musical and realistic sounds to achieve that, his compositions often cross the line between sound design and music.

Alastair McNeill – ‘Yila’, His work takes many forms; performer (with David Toop’s Unknown devices group to Roisin Murphy), production, show design and working on ambisonic art installations. As ‘Yila’ he is a prolific experimenter, remixer, collaborator and improviser who is continually shifting his own musical boundaries from Orchestral Pop / Electronica to Techno and noise within this Moniker.

Atej Tutta is a Venetian artist and filmmaker.