Caleb Nichols
Let’s Look Back



Kill Rock Stars
Release Date
October 13, 2023


1. Christmas, California
2. Demon Twink
3. The Absolute Boy
4. J’ai Vu La Lune!
5. Don’t You Ever
6. Limn
7. Stranged
8. Albatross
9. Blue Sky Blue
10. The Wires
11. Wicked


Caleb Nichols put himself on the map in 2022 with Ramon, a critically acclaimed queer Beatles rock opera. Now, he’s tackling something of a more radical proposition — just 11 great songs, full stop.

Nichols is out with his new album, Let’s Look Back — his second full-length album on the hallowed indie label Kill Rock Stars.

It’s about the idea that you have to look back and confront stuff before you can move forward,” Nichols says. “It’s about vindication, and reintegration, and trusting yourself.

Produced by Zach Rogue, Let’s Look Back’s highlights are everywhere — from the unstoppable power-pop rocket that is “Demon Twink” to the luminous pop of “J’ai Vu La Lune!” to the bold and brassy “Wicked.”

I’m not the good witch/ I’m the bad one!” goes Nichols’ infectiously catchy refrain. But Let’s Look Back is most definitely a good one — one that will send fans of early 2000s indie rock, from the Shins to the Decemberists to Belle and Sebastian, to heaven.

Produced by Zach Rogue.

Engineered by Ian Pellicci and mixed by Jay Pellicci at Brothers (Chinese) Recording in Oakland.
Pre-production and additional recording by Adam Nash in Santa Margarita and South San Francisco.

Additional vocal recording by Jeff Jamieson in San Luis Obispo. Additional synths recorded by Iain McDonald in San Rafael. Additional percussion and keyboards recorded by Pat Spurgeon in Portland.

Mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering in Portland.

Adam Nash: Guitars, backup vocals, piano, synths.
Alex Nash: Drums on “Limn” and “Wicked”.
Caleb Nichols: Vocals, guitars, piano.
Zach Rogue: Backup vocals.

Pat Spurgeon: Drums, percussion, piano, keyboards.

Artwork by John Dummett.
Photos by Deborah Denker and Lenny Gonzales.
Layout and design by Rob Jones.
All songs written by Caleb Nichols