Lizzy Young
Coocoo Banana



Release Date
October 23, 2020


1. Can’t take can’t touch
2. Coocoo Banana
3. Elephants
4. Kill all the men
5. God is pink
6. Obvious
7. Oh! Jupiter
8. She farts while she walks
9. This morning I woke up
10. Squid juice in Hollywood


Lizzy Young Announces Debut Lo-fi Pop Album Coocoo Banana

Lizzy Young announces her debut album Coocoo Banana, a collection of 10 songs with a refreshing take on modern pop music. Blending its sardonic humor and poetry with lo-fi Casio keys and driving beats you can dance to, Coocoo Banana dives into the beauty and ugliness of life, at times melancholy but with a core of joy. The forthcoming album is set to be released October 23, 2020.

Lizzy began touring in Europe and the US in January of this year but was halted due to the current pandemic. A European tour is pending.

All tracks on the album were written and recorded in Brooklyn, New York and Brunnen, Switzerland, and mixed by Björn Magnusson of Specter Fix Studios in Brunnen. The album was mastered by Paul Gold of Salt Mastering in New York. The first single, God is Pink was released in January on Manimal records, a dizzying and trippy, bass-driven French dance song that the label called Shoegaze-Artpop.

Originally from the suburbs of Paris, Lizzy found her way through the Barcelona gutters to the streets of New York City bringing an eclectic Euro-American mix to her songs which are at once very personal and universal.

From the reflective track Oh! Jupiter to the throwback banger She Farts While She Walks, Coocoo Banana brings a variety of feelings and energies together as a whole, pulling from personal experiences and direct influences of media and culture ranging from Leonard Cohen to Louis Malle, from Bette Davis to Molly Nilsson.