Unknown Pleasures Records
Release Date
November 15, 2019


1. Subjugué
2. Prostration
3. Angst
4. Araknee
5. Blok
6. Craving
7. Hoop
8. Ana Venus
9. Sidewalk
10. Medicine
11. Hellébore


Lovataraxx is a cold wave and minimal synth duo spinning its web for more than five years and taking us to familiar places with their bewitching melodies. They bring a personal touch to the dark wave pool, creating minimal and impulsive beats, or more danceable rhythms, softened by hypnotical and lethal voices. The french duo is chanting words based on mythological backgrounds, romantic poetry, fancy advertising slogans, or sci-fi novels.

Their layers of synthesised sounds and icy bass riffs drowned in chorus effects are deeply mingled with the sharp and energic sounds of the drum machines, reminding the golden age of Suicide, DAF, Fad Gadget, Tuxedomoon or Kas Product.

Since their formation in 2013, Lovataraxx has toured different parts of Europe and USA, haunting the underground stage, billing with varied punk, new wave, noise, electronic and indie bands. Their first EP, Kairos has been released in 2017 on Four 4 records (Grenoble, France) and lays out the premises for the new album, Hébéphrénie to be released on Unknown Pleasures Records.

Their debut full-length release fluctuate between elevations toward the faint glow of dreams and dives amid the encircling gloom. Named after the goddess of youth, Hébéphrénie deals with the impression of «coming too late into a world too old», feeling split into two different states of mind : delusion and disillusion, but there is no spirit of resignation or surrender throughout the 11 tracks of this album. The bitter observations are always sweeten by glimmers of hope and euphoric moments.