m o k r o ï é
Machines & Soul



Self Released
Inouïe Distribution
Release Date
November 15, 2019


1. We Can Make It Fit
2. With These Thoughts
3. Guns Bless America
4. Disoriented (instrumental)
5. Put Your Hands In The Dirt
6. Glistening Like Obsidian
7. Mineral Landscape (instrumental)
8. Put Your Hands In The Dirt (soft minimal vocal mix)



About the project
m o k r o ï é is the multidisciplinary electronic trip-hop project imagined by Francesco Virgilio (production, composition, arrangement, visual, artwork), the result of a long-time collaboration with Carol Aplogan, author and singer leaving the project after ten years of intense activity. This project combines electronic music, photo, video, live performances, featurings, and has always been considered by its creator as a living entity.

About the release
Machines & Soul is the new m o k r o ï é ‘s eight tracks album.

PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE DIRT“, its first excerpt released beforehand, symbolizes the upcoming musical and visual transition.

The production is based on a large use of synthetic sounds, electronic sound effects, sequencers and arpeggiators. It’s a more electronic album than its predecessor GLOBAL – SYSTEM – ERROR. Rhythms and percussions are less complex in order to highlight the greatest richness of the textures and the always cinematographic and mesmerizing atmospheres of the compositions.

Vocals, always according m o k r o ï é ‘s way, amplify the emotions aroused by the already evocative music. Lyrics are as much about introspective than heartbreaking social topics. In this opus, Francesco Virgilio surrounds himself again with Allonymous as a vocalist, and
as well of Margeaux Lampley, jazz and gospel singer, who offers a fresh interpretation of “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE DIRT” in a
minimalist arrangement, ideal track to close this very dense and electronic effort so far. Margeaux Lampley has released three full length solo album, with precious arrangements of Olivier Hutman, then Rémi Toulon. She previously worked with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), Les Marathonians, Funkorama, Sodex. In addition to her personal career, she is part of the band The 100 Voices Of Gospel, touring all over Europe with great success.

Selected Discography
THE TRIAL was released in 2014. This E.P. is conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary film about the descent into hell of an angry and tormented character, who returns appeased after overcoming many trials in pain, the closest to his soul.

M3TIC, the following year’s E.P. speaks of our fascination with the infinitely large (the macroscopic world such as the immensity of space that exceeds us) and the infinitely small (the microscopic world, and the deepest of the complexity of our souls), and in a general way of the theme of creation.

GLOBAL – SYSTEM – ERROR was released in 2017. Back to Earth. It’s the realistic and poignant photos of the Russian photojournalist Sergey Ponomarev discovered by Francesco in newspapers, that are at the origin of the project, and illustrate the visual part (music-videos and artworks). The subtitle is explicit: « man’s inability to refrain from war, and the crisis it ensues ». Sergey Ponomarev has received numerous international awards (Pulitzer Prize 2016 / World Press Photo 2015). After Carol Aplogan’s departure, Francesco takes over the direction of m o k r o ï é alone, he invites Allonymous, singer and spoken word artist from Chicago whom already recorded and toured with The Cinematic Orchestra, Basement Jaxx, Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen among others. For the acoustic versions of the two tracks of this particular E.P., Francesco will guest Cyril Atef (Bumcello, CongopunQ, Matthieu Chedid, Alain Bashung) and Dave Collingwood (Yann Tiersen, Massive Attack).