No Darkness?



Aagoo Records

Release Date
February 23, 2019


1. Vómito de Arco Iris (Version Instrumental)
2. L’ordinateur dit <<moins>>
3. Vomit House
4. сила – ничто
5. Coed Hiraeth (Fersiwn Offerynnol)
6. Longing Forest



And then the overthinking set in.

How do we express emotion in music without resorting to cliché? Is emotionalism an appropriate response to calamitous world events? Can making music even be justified as a good use of time, given the growing urgency of our global predicament? Immediately, the project became a lot less like what everyone else was doing and a lot more like connect_icut.

The modus operandi became to embrace the doubt, ask all the questions and ruthlessly edit out anything that sounded like a trite, easy answer. No Darkness became No Darkness?—a much thornier proposition altogether. While many moments of straightforward melancholy beauty remain, the album has a distinct sense on unease about it. Keeps things interesting.

The end result has all the chiming melodicism and glitchy arrhythmic chaos that those familiar would expect from a connect_icut album. But despite all the critical nit-picking that went into its creation, No Darkness? really does have a particularly apposite sense of warmth and melancholy that is quite new to the world of connect_icut.

No Darkness? was completed in March 2018 and sent to Stephan Mathieu for mastering. Then Bas Mantel created the striking gold-foil design for the pro-dubbed cassette release. The album will be available in this tape edition, as well as all the usual digital/streaming formats via Aagoo records on February 23rd, 2019.

You are invited to overthink it.