no metal in this battle
Disco dans ta cave / Fano



Don’t trust a bear records
Release Date
April 15, 2022


1. Disco dans ta cave
2. Fano


After the first chapter of their “create, record, release” motto with Shimokita / Zeitzonensynchronisationmechanismus, no metal in this battle is back with 2 new tracks: Disco dans ta cave and Fano. Out of the confinement and recorded and produced in the depths of Differdange in the Unison studios, these 2 new tracks are the reflection of their will of quest towards the perfect groove. Between experimentations, new sounds, even more radio-friendly elements, the band reinvents itself while remaining faithful to its brand, a clever mix between post-rock, math-rock, kraut-rock and afrobeat. With its 4:44, Disco dans ta cave, tries out disco beats impregnated with “Spaghetti Western” and 80’s elements. As for Fano, the song sails through 70s funk and 60s psychedelic rock, adding a dash of post-rock with its wall of sound explosions.

No metal in this battle’s members may all be over 40 and experts in changing diapers, they are not your usual dad’s band.
Formed in 2011, no metal in this battle came together after a decade of playing and touring in diverse screamo, math-rock and emocore bands in Luxembourg and abroad. Initially formed as a trio, no metal expanded very early to a quartet and released their first EP “the Husky tape” in 2012. A second Ep (Ours) followed in 2015 and helped the band gain exposure internationally. After numerous shows in Europe, touring Germany, Belgium and France, playing festivals like Incheon Pentaport Festival (South Korea), Rock for People (Czech Republic), Galapagai Festival (Lithuania) or Primavera Sound Festival (Spain) and even a tour in Japan, their first full length album “Paprika” was finally released in 2017. Followed extensive touring as well as a tour in India highlighted with an acclaimed performance at Magnetic Fields festival. Since the pandemic no metal in this battle is focusing on jamming and improvisation, the search for the perfect groove and releasing new exciting material at a regular pace. Categorisation being a necessary evil, no metal’s music is an eclectic mix of post-rock, math-rock, afro-beat, post punk and krautrock. No metal’s roots can be heard in bands like fugazi, Budos band, Soft Machine, Cave, Redneck Manifesto, Maserati, or the almighty Fela Kuti.

A strong afropop element creates a heartbeat in each of their songs on their newest release Ours, and pianos are glittery across the top, nicely comple- menting the surrounding landscape of reverb drenched guitars. When the above elements are paired with skittering drums, and stomping bass, the result is a sound that prompts the same feeling of looking out the window at an oasis during a long drive through the desert. As listeners, we are being rewarded for taking time to make our way somewhere. They know where we’re going, but they aren’t telling us.
Fecking Bahamas

Warning! It’s a funkadelic monster that basically just shouts ‘Dance, dance!’ at you all the time. Get your groove on right here.
Nothing But Hope And Passion

No Metal In This Battle is one of those special bands that show an originality you want to keep in your ear!
Luminous Dash

Lively and Organic!
Bandcamp Weekly