Nomads on Hold



Self Released
Release Date
June 25, 2021


1. Menthol issues
2. Manhunt
3. PolyStena
4. Volganic
5. Just another Sisyphos
6. Nomads on hold



Drawing from years of experience within the Luxemburgish DIY music scene and stints in various acclaimed post rock, indie and electronica outfits, David André aka Gregario has left his elaborate equipment for piano-based compositions that manage to feel subdued and urgent at the same time.

This shows a deliberate move away from the maximalism that characterized the sound of his previous band, Mount Stealth, towards a very stripped down approach. To evoke moods and atmospheres through skeletal melodic motives becomes here the leitmotiv. In order to increase dynamic shifts, drum parts were added to the sparse arrangements by Paul Fox, one of the most sought-after drummers of the Benelux jazz scene, who brings his finesse.

Building on the promise of a colorful debut EP, Gregario ventures further into leftfield on ‘Nomads on Hold‘.

Menthol Issues‘ sets the album off to a strong start thanks to jazzy arpeggios and expansive drum fills blending jubilation and melancholy with the faders on stun. The film noir exercise ‘Manhunt‘ introduces a change of pace landing somewhere between ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is‘-era Keith Jarrett and the sonic experimentalism of 90 Day Men.

There is a lightness to the piano touch which alternates between ostinato figures and contrapuntal weight as the drums seamlessly cycle in and out of the stereo field. The production style flourishes on tracks like ‘Volganic‘ suffusing the compositions with warmth and a sonic detail that wouldn’t feel out of place on a contemporary jazz label.

This sonic document establishes Gregario as a compositional force with a firm grasp on the performance aspect of the project. While his signature instrument remains central to the narrative of last year’s companion piece, the interplay with the drums sets the table for exciting aural possibilities.