Claudia is on the Sofa
Not My Song



Riff Records/Solaris Empire
Release Date
December 9, 2022


1. Not My Song



Not My Song is the new single by Claudia Is On The Sofa, released December 9 on Riff Records (Italy) and Solaris Empire (Berlin).

Not My Song is the second of the two singles that tell the I’m not concept: “what I am not and what I don’t want to be“.

The first single The Match has been plaised by critics internationally and broadcasted on radios such as BBC6 UK. It was also performed at Liverpool Sound City by the Italian songwriter.

Not My Song is the ballad of the silences, of the unspoken words and facts never acted that create what we are. The artist says: “This is the song of those who no longer want to be told what they should be and what they should do. It is not a revolution; it is a fact”.

The song was composed by Claudia Ferretti and produced by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (who collaborates with PJ Harvey and Vinicio Capossela among others).

I am not a love song, I am not a wife and not even a mother. I’m not what you want me to be. But I’m sure that I’m not the worst at all” Sings Claudia Is On The Sofa.

The languid sounds of the mellotron creep in and emerge delicately in the warmth of the guitar, which cradles and warms the listener in the sonic journey of the sophisticated vocalism of Claudia Is On the Sofa.

An intimate dimension that was enhanced by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana, producer of the two singles, recording each instrument live, paying attention to the sound and the atmosphere in which to immerse the listener.

Claudia Is On the Sofa wielding her guitar, Emmylou Ribs, sings about the lives of people on the street, the roar and the silence. She sings of the beauty of nature and the stories of people. The Italian songwriter plays the music from her first two albums, Love Hunters and Time of me, all over Italy and Europe.

From the cold north to the Mediterranean Sea she sings in magic places with magic people. Her stages are lakes, theatres, small, smoky clubs and big festivals.

Claudia has collaborated with other musicians and artists, and she has shared the stage with Thurston Moore and Joan As a Police Woman.

Composer and songwriter, she sings and composes music for films and documentaries, one of which was presented at Cannes Festival. She collaborates with painters and artists such as Angelo Bordiga and Stefano Ogliari Badessi and she creates sonification of astrophysical data concerning galaxies with scientists and sound artists in SoniCosmos. In the end she always returns to her sofa, that subtle wind that always brings her home. Claudia Is On The Sofa‘s music is life, encounter and story.