KermesZ à l'Est



Self Released
Release Date
April 28, 2023


1. Azerian Dub – Part I
2. Azerian Dub – Part II
3. Kakoschizm
4. Trilock – Part I – Down
5. Trilock – Part II – Strong
6. Trilock – Part III – Lombrik
7. Trilock – Part IIII – Prophecy
8. Lullysion
9. Pony Wurst



KermesZ à l’Est is a Belgian music group that has been touring internationally since 2008. Located at the unique confluence of jazz, metal and Eastern European traditions, KermesZ à l’Est have developed their own, disctintive musical identity.

Following up on their previous LP (RDS-202, 2020) and Junkz (a collaborative project composed with La Jungle and released in February 2023), the band recently returned to the studio to record Octophilia, a new album of long-format pieces that expands its influences to the Caucasus and Baroque music, while also absorbing elements of math rock and poetry.

It also features some festive and surprising numbers that combine punk energy and Balkan intoxication, obscure beats and electro trance.

Once more, Kermesz delivers an extraordinary, supercharged mashup that explodes styles and norms for a festive and devilishly dynamic musical experience.

Octophilia also includes the group’s only four-legged member, who serves as a vocalist and traditionally travels with the band on tour.

On stage, the group blows away a sweat-drenched, dumbfounded audience by integrating their experience of street art and freakshow-inspired visuals, allowing them to witness the rebirth of an ecstatic universe from the ashes of the post-industrial apocalypse.

All tracks composed & arranged by KermesZ à l’Est, freely inspired by traditional tunes from Azerbaijan (track #2), from Greece (tracks #4 & #7), from Romania (track #9). Track #8 is an adaptation of Jean-Baptiste Lully, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Lwv 43 : Ouverture (1670). Text written and declaimed by Olivier Chaltin.

KermesZ à l’Est is :
Pasquot Kravagna: helicon, tuba
Martin Chemin: bass drum, percussions
Martin Moroni: drums, rototom
Maxime Tirtiaux: tambura, guitar, cümbüş
Emmanuel Haessig: alto sax, clarinet, EWI
Martin Chénel: alto & baritone sax, vocals
Luc Lambert: trumpet, euphonium
Christophe Collignon: valve trombone, euphonium
Octto: vocals

Recorded in 2021 & 2022 at Koko Records Studio, Sprimont, Belgium.
Produced by Kermesz à l’Est.

Mixed by Thibault Schouters.
Mastered by Pieter De Wagter.
Cover by Juliette Kiani.
Photos by Thomas Roulland.
Model : Octto.

Projet réalisé avec le soutien du Fund Belgian Music, géré par la Fondation Roi Baudouin