Discobole Records
Release Date
April 2, 2021


1. Lignes #1
2. Lignes #2
3. La Danse De Tristan
4. Lignes #3
5. Lignes #4
6. Grand Marguerite
7. Acts of Violence
8. Lignes #5
9. Les éborgnés


Paar Linien, which one can translate from German by “a few lines“, reflects Nicolas Stephan‘s attempt to make autonomous, sometimes contradictory musical “lines” cohabit within the same piece. It aims to keep the tension resulting from these contradictions in order to give birth to poetry, “polymusic“, “polyrhythm“, “poly-tonality“, and original music that is as popular as it is skillful.

The group was born from the meeting within Surnatural Orchestra of Nicolas Stephan with Basile Naudet, and from their desire to create their own musical world which would be the reflection of their respective worlds. An open musical space where aesthetics would make no sense. A place where freedom to play would be total, and the constraints renewed. The music became really collective when joined by Augustin Bette on drums – Basile Naudet‘s road and music companion since the magnificent trio Where is Mr R – and Louis Freres on bass – a Belgian musician recently settled in Normandy (like Nicolas Stephan) – who gives the band a great part of its rock color.

The album is made up on one side of written pieces, as much influen- ced by the instrumental rock of June of 44 – for “Grand Marguerite” or “la danse de Tristan” – as by the chiselled writing of jazz from Chicago, (notably Henry Threadgill) or Ornette Coleman – for “Acts of Violence” or “Les éborgnés” – a piece dedicated to those who lost an eye in the demonstrations in France or elsewhere.

And on the other side, a series of pieces entitled “lines“. These «lines» are improvised from a set of melodies written to work with each other. Every musician is free to play any part of any of these pieces (or melodic lines…) at any time. They can also play something else, or choose not to play at all. So you will hear the same lines several times over, each interpreted and improvised uniquely.

The photograph on the cover of the record is by Julie Blackmon, an American photographer who also works on the laying-out of multiple directions, and the artwork by an Austrian artist named Stephka Klaura, who had already made the cover of unklar, Nicolas Stephan‘s previous band.

Nicolas Stephan
Tenor Saxophone – Stritch – Voice

Basile Naudet
Alto Saxophone – Electric Guitar

Louis Freres
Electric bass

Augustin Bette