Like the sun



How Bad Pretty Bad Records
Release Date
November 6, 2020


1. Like the sun
2. Sham
3. Longues nuits
4. Breathing in reverse
5. Talking to flowers
6. My sky
7. Tigers as friends
8. The joy of grasping
9. Shine
10. A sea of papers
11. Shades of passion
12. Animaux sombres


Alex Duloz (aka Panaviscope) is a multi-instrumentalist who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He started playing piano in his parents’ house, where there was an old keyboard. Panaviscope composes his tracks, plays all the instruments and sings. Having studied at the California Institute of the Arts, Alex is also a visual artist who creates his own visuals and video clips.

Following on from the EP “Kiss yourself to death,” which was released last year, Panaviscope is now releasing “Like the sun,” his first full-length album, which contains 12 tracks.

Alex’s songs are played on national radio stations in Switzerland, as well as various stations across the world.

In many ways, Panaviscope’s “Like the sun” represents the vigorous pop scene which is currently growing in Switzerland, a country where most people speak at least three languages and find themselves at the crossroads of various cultures and musical styles.

While the sound of “Like the sun” is smooth, it also borrows elements from new school hip-hop as well as classic rock from the 70s. Panaviscope says about his tracks: “I wanted to achieve a sound which could make people both dance in a club and dream on their beds on a rainy day.”

Most of the album’s lyrics meditate on our day and age and its obsession with reflection, narcissism, and self-definition. The topics are always tackled in a subtle, suggestive way, inviting the listener to question themselves instead of providing ready-made answers.

From a visual point of view, Panaviscope has created a black and white atmosphere for this album, in which cata- strophes seem to be looming over everyday life. In the album’s artwork you will see fires, smoke, and explosions, as if this were normal.

The album has been recorded and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Yvan Bing at Kitchen Studio, Geneva, Switzerland. The tracks have been mastered by Mike Marsh (Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers).