Modern Stars



Miacameretta Records
Release Date
November 26, 2021


1. Hypnopædia
2. Artificial Wombs
3. Throw Your Dreams Away
4. Ignorance Is Strength
5. Indian Donna Summer
6. War Is Peace
7. Deep Feelings


Modern Stars is a three piece rock band hailing from Italy. They are composed by Andrea Merolle, Barbara Margani and Andrea Sperduti. Both Andrea’s have been active for a while in several bands of the Latium underground scene and Barbara is a lyric soprano. Their unique music could be described as instinctive, flickering, fuzzy, aerial, groovy, bizarre, distorted, harmonious and dissonant. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, and Suicide. In 2020 they released their debut album Silver Needles via Italian label Miacameretta Records.

Now they release Psychindustrial, an LP made of hypnotic sounds and influenced by dystopic literature’s classics, with clear reference to George Orwell1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The album tells the story of an imaginary protagonist who begins to be disillusioned by capitalistic society values and understands the necessity to define his individuality to survive and remain human.

The opening track “Hypnopædia” is an electric explosion in which the hero reacts to the inhumanity of modern society and questions its foundations. Then follows “Artificial Wombs”, a mantra with a tribal rhythm which alludes to the progressive debasement of mankind feelings based on a shoegaze revisitation of country tunings and sounds.

Throw your dreams away”, a delicate shuffle which describes the awareness of the protagonist on a music that mergers delta blues sonorities with electronic and space guitars, while the instrumental “Ignorance is strength” introduces the second part of the album with tender sitar ragas.

After the interlude we get into the dreamlike “Indian Donna Summer”, a long psychedelic ride that alternates some lyrics from the disco-hit “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder with the famous speech of John the Savage that is rebelling to Mustapha Mond in Huxley’s novel, and the instrumental cover “War is Peace”, also inspired by “Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”.

Deep Feelings”, an electric ballad in which the protagonist affirms his freedom deriving from his self-determination on a carpet of fuzz and mandolins, takes finally the listener to the end of the journey.

Psychindustrial will be out via Miacameretta Records on vinyl and all digital formats worldwide on November 26, 2021.