Daniela Savoldi



Self Released
Release Date
June 7, 2019


1. Ragnatele
2. Improvviso
3. Storia di un attentato
4. Space
5. Dada
6. Modulatori


Ragnatele (Spider webs in english), is the second recording work by Daniela Savoldi.
A work built on improvisations and melodic themes, with classical and effected cello that intertwining with each other, create sound cobwebs, evocative spaces and tributes to the collective memory.

The opening track is Ragnatele, the piece that gives the name to the album, a first track of trembling settings from which a mermaid voice rises, a distant voice. Improvviso is the gallop of time, restless, in which dense and distorted lives and relationships are opened; stories like the one to which Storia di un attentato is dedicated, the cruel account of the police officers killed while escorting judge Paolo Borsellino: a song without any loop effect, a cello moving alone and appealing to the historical memory, relating with warmth and sharpness to the bitter reality of the event. The album flows enveloping us with hypnotic dances, distances, suspended travels in Space and then comes Dada, pizzicato bow strokes marking the slow flowing of time and a chant, in the typical language of the author, which dives in the obstinacy of a bursting loop. The work ends with Modulatori, again with the cello alone playing with reverb effects, telling the simplicity of daylife and drawing curious thoughts for the future.

Daniela Savoldi is an Italian-Brazilian cellist, collaborating with several Italian artists from the Indie-pop and singer-songwriter world and with some international artists including Muse, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Dente, Calibro 35, Nada, Meg, Paola Turci, Lorenzo Monguzzi, Alessandro Mannarino.

In addition to musical collaborations, there are many more in the dance field (the choreographer Marina Rossi) and with the theater (Michele Comite, Gabriele Parrillo, Laura Mantovi, Sara Poli, Livia Castellini).

From 2018 she is sponsored by REMIC MICROPHONES, a Danish company that specializes in dedicated microphones for acoustic instruments.

In 2016 she released her first solo work “Trasformazioni” which defined her own musical language with the cello and a loop-station. Today her second work is released, which confirms her poetics made of few elements: a cello, a loop, a brief hint of voice and few effects to complete her music world.