Self Released
Release Date
June 26 2020
Europe except Italy


1. driepapegaaien
2. se(a)rch)o(
3. ønd/tA
4. crepa!
5. commuovelalegge
6. colmare




“To raise branches and catch the Sunlight is the only way to strike the Sky.”

RAìSE is Venetian dialect for “ROOTS”.
Two musicians, two seeds carried by the wind, by mere chance. RAìSE is completely spontaneous, like a sprout. Seeds hidden in the deepest Earth, nursed by ancestral vibrations, finally they sink their ominous roots into the ground, creating a tree, a sound tree.

CREPA! is RAìSE’s first record.
The word CREPA! holds two meanings:
a “fissure”, a tear you can look and be seen through, but also a curse: “may you die!” addressed to those who substitute chaotic balance (entropy) with profit.
It’s a journey (katabasis) going from light to Earth, through grass, between earthworms, towards places unwelcoming to humans; an essential evidence of life. A record made for the absolute present, deleting the past, grooving from chaos.

Set up in an unconventional way, with no charleston, the record refuses to be framed into any music genre. It’s a rift echoing back the duo’s lives. Memories and disillusions arise in echoes, bound to Earth’s breath, which lays under the load of ever changing shapes and turns into fear and control, the obscurity where mankind madly produces and madly destroys.

Bursts of rage and fury, drawing utter endings for the future, freedom and vitality. Woods reclaim their space and lift the dull concrete.

The stories of delirious civilisation-bent men and women will survive only within the traces of their own existence; prophetic mantras feed the tribal groove, like elephant steps shape unmistakable destiny.

Noises and tunes mix uncertainty, stress and disillusion and create the manure of success, far from ordinary life. Cadences and rhythms conjured by natives struggling for freedom, the land RAìSE/ROOTS only can conquer.

CREPA! has been released in Italy on February 29 this year and will be released for European audiences on June 26 2020.