Bruto Minore



Black Candy Records
Release Date
September 16, 2019
EU except Italy


1. Capriccio
2. Oregon
3. Ambush
4. Bruto Minore
5. Scherzo Quasi Maggiore
6. Scherzo
7. Wicked
8. Tuvan Internationale
9. Bryson



After a small pause of a couple of years, Bruno Dorella is back with his creation, Ronin, with a completely new line-up and an album which changes a bit in direction yet still remains in the same cinematic and instrumental groove of the band. The idea was to write an album which had as a reference barren land as opposed to vast openness (of desert or water) which the music of Ronin is usually associated with. Something less languid and more raw. There was also the desire to underline a certain aesthetic closeness to classical music.

With this in my mind the help of the new guitarist, Nicola Manzan (well-known as Bologna Violenta and as an ex-member of Baustelle, Teatro Degli Orrori and others) was a great help. Manzan is also a greatly appreciated violinist who has studied at the conservatory. His contribution was that of timbre, through the introduction of the violin, as well as harmonic in arranging the pieces.
To obtain the effect of immediacy the choice was made to record on 8 track tape, playing all together and mixing directly on the mixer instead of using a computer (thanks to the expert hand of Guilio Favero). 7 tracks were used for live recording while one track was kept free for eventual overdubs (for example the clarinet on “Wicked”). An old-school method which goes against the trend of the digital market made possible thanks to new bassist, Roberto Villa (active as J.D. Hangover, member of The Gang) who owns a completely analogical studio named Lamormiononmuore. Roberto, who came up through ballroom orchestras, follows the tradition of the band which states that you must be able to play at least two instruments as he also plays the clarinet. On the drums there is Alessandro Vagnoni, (also a member of Bologna Violenta as well as being active in other groups such as Bushi and Drovag, and is a well-known session musician in the heavy metal scene), who adapted immediately to the dry style needed for this album.

Bruto Minore
The title of the album is Bruto Minore, inspired by a Canzone (in the meaning of the form of poetry known as Canzone) by Giacomo Leopardi in which is imagined the monologue of Marcus Junius Brutus after the defeat of Fillippi and the assassination of Julius Caesar. Defeat, (a theme which has always been very close to the image of Ronin) contains an honorable way out for a man of valor through suicide, seen as a final gesture to hold his head high in front of the indifference of Fate and Nature towards human acts and gestures of heroism. Added to this theme though is the estranged effect that the name Bruto Minore has on us today, invoking violent and indeed brutal concepts with the name Bruto as well as “base” concepts, mundane or low profile concepts with the adjective Minore, which is also an important musical term, especially for Ronin whose works are almost 90% in minor, opposite to the joy and fullness of major. Therefore, two words which, in Ronin‘s case, invoke two images which are close to the group. The album contains 8 original tracks and one cover, Tuvan Internazionale by Hun-Huur-Tu.

The Cover
Ronin asked Marina Girardi, who usually has an extremely feminine and aerial touch, to try to be as masculine and earthly as possible. This was to highlight the themes mentioned above. Almost immediately she came up with the extraordinary result that you see on the cover, an image which is both harsh and gentle at the same time.

Black Candy Records
Ronin decided to sign a three record contract with Black Candy Records, putting faith into this second phase of the label which has decided to relaunch itself compared to a market which is more and more ephemeral. A different (discographic) world must be possible.

Ronin “Bruto Minore
Bruno Dorella — guitar
Nicola Manzan — guitar, violin Roberto Villa — bass, clarinet Alessandro Vagnoni — drums