Angela Kinczly



Ritmo&Blu Records
Release Date
June 14, 2019
Europe except Italy


1. A Something in a Summer’s Day
2. Alone
3. North America
4. To the Ecstasy
5. The Proudest Trees
6. Happy Air
7. If True
8. Between My Finite Eyes
9. Silent
10. Mystic Green
11. What Inn is This


About the Artist
Angela Kinczly
is an Italian songwriter and musician of Hungarian origins. Her first album was released in 2007 “The Legendary Indian Aquarium and Other Stories” for Kandinsky Records. It was labelled as electrofolk for its combination of songwriting, folk and electro sound.

In 2008 she took part in a tribute to Nick Drake in Florence where she met Robert Kirby, Nick Drake‘s arranger and friend, who wrote a special string arrangement for her song “Jane’s Choice“.
In 2010 she published “Phoenix“, an EP containing five new songs all written in Italian. This album marks the beginning of a long collaboration with producer Stefano Castagna of Ritmo&Blu Records that will also affect her future production.

In that same year in Florence she took part in a tribute to Genesis‘ concept album “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” together with Italian pop musician Max Gazzè.
She wrote and performed the song Blurred with Italian band Aucan, contained in their album “Black Rainbow” (2011).

La visita” was then released in 2013 for the label Qui Base Luna: it contains 11 new songs all in Italian.
The following year she performed and recorded Vertigo for the Italian band Pink Holy Days.

In 2016 she released “Tense Disorder” a new EP produced by Francesco D’Abbraccio (Aucan).

About the Album
S I L E N T is her fifth studio album composed on the lyrics by one of the greatest American poet, Emily Dickinson. It was recorded between November 2018 and January 2019 at Ritmo&Blu Studios (Italy), produced by Stefano Castagna.

S I L E N T comes from a meditative attitude and focuses on the writing process itself which begins by catching an impulse, following an intuition without self-criticism. It is about the correspondences between the senses and the evocative power of Dickinson’s words. The title arises from meditation: the silent beginning of everything is when and where we let our self go, looking for a home in our free, infinite, innermost space.

S I L E N T was released in Italy on march 29 2019 and will be released in the rest of Europe on June, 14 2019.