Rok Zalokar
Speak Your Body



Nature Scene Records
Release Date
May 6, 2022


1. Doors and Staircases of Perception
2. Back Pocket
3. Emotional blanket
4. Racoon Hymn
5. Keep Up the Good Work
6. Eleusinian
7. Samurai Groove
8. I Can See Why That Guy Gets Into a Lot of Trouble
9. Dualogue
10. Can We Try Something Else
11. Sidereal Time
12. People Laugh at You, But You Just Smile
13. Before the Word
14. Restart the Pulse
15. Mathenesserweg
16. Gotta
17. McBeing
18. Reverse the Past
19. Shadow of Emily
20. Speak Your Body



Rok Zalokar (pianist / composer / producer) is an integral part of the Ljubljana jazz scene. He led his jazz piano trio for a decade, experimenting with the Zhlehtet collective while continuing to develop a personalised solo piano expression, this recently culminated in the release of a solo pipe organ album ‘Spaces VIII’.

Now he presents his debut electroacoustic album ‘Speak Your Body‘ – 20 tracks made between 2019 and 2021. The material comes from different sources; sound sculpting, beat making, spontaneous sessions with friends and moments of exploration with a given instrument, which he connects with a surrealist cut-up narrative.

The album has a strong foundation in synths and piano sounds but each song features different instrumentation, modern orchestration, jazz solos, field recordings and vocals that appear as an inner-voice. There is an improvisational approach injected into this of which the complexity of free improv moments are left unedited.

Added layerings act as an additional stimulus to underline the idea of every song and connect these with the rich sonic landscape. Topics range from childhood memories, body / mind duality, reflections of emotional pain and the idea of this music serving as an archive of moods and thoughts that can translate to others.

This album was a personal search to unify my expressions and bridge the gap between improvised and produced music. For me all these different expressions naturally interact, but it’s much harder to create a coherent work from them. Do we accept the beautiful complexity of the moment or is there a way to carry the change with us and let it grow?

Composed, mixed & produced by Rok Zalokar
Executive Producer – Alastair McNeill

Viola on tracks 1,4 by Peter Ugrin
Drums on track 3, 9, 11, 14, 17, 20 by Žiga Smrdel
Drums on track 1, 2, by Elvis Homan
Strings on track 8, 17 by Nina Pečar
Saxophone on track 2, 5, 7, 19 and modular synth on track 7, 16 by Boštjan Simon
Percussions on track 6, 15 by Alja Petric

Mastered by Alastair McNeill @ Nature Scene Studios
Photography – Urska Preis
Artwork – Blaž Rojs