SVPER / Bitter Moon



La Suisse Primitive
Vinyl Split EP / Digital
Release Date
August 30, 2019


1. Summer on a Solitary Beach, by SVPER
(first recorded by Franco Battiato)

2. Automaticamore, by Bitter Moon
(first recorded by Patrizia Pellegrino)



1981” – a joint adventure of SVPER and Bitter Moon.

What links the two bands is a soft spot for the analogue, old tape machines and synthesizers but also for monumental sound worlds in which they link past and present. One could think of this record as a time capsule, or maybe a reminiscence to a bygone era. The era of Lucio Battisti and Franco Battiato. Somehow avant-garde, different from what Italian music was associated with in the decades before and after. 1981. Another year in the 80s. A past present in which there was a certain kind of music coming out of Italy. It might be a coincidence that the two songs by Franco Battiato and Patrizia Pellegrino, that are covered on this record, were both released in 1981. However, we read it as a sign and celebrate it as an homage to an Italian musical universe that is long gone by, but on this record reverberates for a short moment into the future.

This beautiful Split Release will be available from August 30, 2019 via Swiss label La Suisse Primitive.

About Bitter Moon
Once upon a cruise, a nightcap, a stranger dancing. Staring at the ocean in the moonlight, the kiss in Body Double. Bodies moving as the world falls asleep, snowflakes in the eyes. Building, destroying, building, destroying – soothing the brain, longing for harmony.

This is Bitter Moon, a kosmische duo composed by Réka Csiszér and Simon Bernardoni, terrestrially bound to the cities of Lugano and Zürich. Their music – a hybrid of atmospheric cinematic soundscapes, groovy analogue pop songs and dreamy synthetic odysseys – is a passionate confession of their compulsive love for stories untold.

SVPER is a eerie-pop electronic duo from Barcelona featuring Sergio Pérez (co-producer and collaborator of El Guincho) and Luciana Della Villa (ex-member of riot grrrl-inspired trio, Sibyl Vane). The band has released in 2012 their debut LP “Pegasvs” and then, in 2017, the single “Azul Profundo” via CANADA.