Laugh On Me



Self Released
Release Date
October 6, 2023


1. (Invitation)
2. Laugh On Me
3. Imaginary Crimes
4. In The Body
5. Cuddle
6. Your Body Is Yours
7. Shutter Up
8. Settle
9. When I Calm Down
10. My Beautiful Friends
11. Sorry Maybe


Úlfur Hansson suggested I come to Iceland to make music. The time was exactly right so I did. Together we started building “Laugh On Me”, the 5th TaughtMe album.

I probed my childhood with these songs. I was raised in Utah, a little mormon kid in a devout mormon family. We were taught to mistrust the physical body, taught that masturbation was a grave sin that offended god. Many of us were burdened with shame, secretly convinced we were the one baddie in a chapel of goodies. We were innocent children! It’s a mess I’m still untangling: estrangement from the physical body, from pleasure, sexuality and emotional intimacy. There’s a yearning in these songs to reclaim sensuality and reject socialized guilt. I found myself nursing old wounds and shattering old stories. I was trying to protect those kids. I was singing for myself but also for my siblings, friends and lovers.

These songs are soliloquies. A narrator wrestling with stubborn inner conflicts while the music animates the scene. Sonically, I tried to avoid conventional instrumentation, often working with textures and unusual sounds instead. I wanted to create environments i’d never seen. Luckily I had the help of many gifted sounders. Beyond Úlfur there was Samuli Kosminen, who translated imagination into sound, taking prompts like “make it sound like muscles, arteries and the chamber of the heart.” Gyða Valtýsdóttir—another founding member of Múm—laced her cello into songs and saxophonist/ wizard Alabaster DePlume left his mark as well. The list is much longer. We sculpted something big and dense, an artifact that is playful and serious at the same time. I hope it shines true and bright and that the care is felt. I did my best.

TaughtMe is me, Blake Aaron Henderson. I’m a composer, producer and sound designer working out of Oakland, Califor- nia. My day-job Is making music and sound for ads. My real work is TaughtMe.