The Bullseyes
The Best Of The Bullseyes



Release Date
May 21, 2021


1. World Doesn’t Care
2. Yet There’s You
3. Can’t Believer
4. It Might Not Be For Me
5. Restless Mind
6. Love’s Blow
7. Regular Sky
8. Nothing Disturbs Me
9. My Head is Full
10. Butterfly
11. Moment’s Arrival
12. Can’t Believer (Acoustic)



Polish rockers The Bullseyes have been steadily building a global following with their signature blend of vintage and futuristic rock for years. Over the course of nine well publicized singles, they’ve reached fans in just about every corner of the world. Now, with their cheekily named debut, they’ve collected those tracks, along with three previously unreleased songs to create a cohesive statement from one of the most exciting bands in international rock music.

The duo kicks open the door with album opener ‘World Doesn’t Care.’ Their signature attitude of nihilism meets optimism is amplified by a steady wall of ear catching riffs and thunderous percussion. The mix of psychedelia, blues, and pure pop rock is the perfect introduction to what the band is all about.

Transitioning into the funky swagger of ‘Yet There’s You,’ they continue to pile as many memorable guitar melodies and vocal hooks as possible into each track.

The Bullsesyes show off another side of their artistry on standout track ‘Regular Sky.’ Starting as a Beatle-esque ballad, it builds into a mind bending guitar solo before climaxing with one of their most powerful choruses. All their influences are on display, from the garage rock revival of the 2000’s to the vintage records they grew up on.

The Bullseyes know that attention spans are short, and they need to command attention immediately to succeed. They also show a comic self awareness of the fact that they are capturing lightning in a bottle, explaining “We named our debut album “The Best of The Bullseyes” so you don’t need to wait 30 years to listen to “The Best Of…” album that will mostly be stuff from the first one anyway.

If there is one song that fully captures the spirit of the band, it’s ‘Moment’s Arrival.’ “It’s all about chasing after the great goal and the realization that it’s better to never truly catch it,” they say. Chasing the dream is what The Bullseyes do best, and with their debut record, they are closer than ever to capturing it.

The Best of The Bullseyes has been released late October 2020 in Poland and will be available worldwide on May 21, 2021 in CD and all Digital Formats.