The K.
Amputate Corporate Art



Release Date
April 3 2020


1. The Future Is Bright
2. Shit Day
3. Human After All
4. Dominant Tracks
5. Everything Hurts
6. Petty Profit
7. The Rougher Aspects Of Love
8. Keep My Nightmares Cold
9. Swim It Better
10. (Un)Fortunate Youth


The K. is a Belgian rock band from Liège, influenced by the best that ‘90s indie-rock bands ever gave us, carrying that sound and work ethic further into the nillies. With a new line up and a brand new killer album “Amputate Corporate Art” the band perfectly fits te row of modern acts as Idles, Show Me The Body, Girl Band and Pissed Jeans to name a few.

Merging noise-rock with a great taste for pop melodies makes their greatest force. Those who grew up on Nirvana, Sonic Youth, or early Foo Fighters will certainly recognize their influence and knows now their artistic legacy is in good hands with The K.

Throughout they years The K. became an established example for their musical companions in the flourishing Liège scene. Leading the way in bridging the gap towards national recognition, extensively touring Europe, and setting the bar that made hyper-intense rock concerts a typical Belgian trademark. After a hiatus of three years the band has now returned.

On their new album recorded by Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Brutus,…), the band shows it’s true nature. Sebastien von Landau offers the record a voice with personality and playful guitar work. Their newest member – Danger Mertz – brought a new dimension to the band, solid bass riffs. In the back they still got Sigfried Burroughs, delivering the necessary heavy-handed rock drums. Add a bag full of hooks and … That all just reeks of excitement!

Amputate Corporate Art” will be released on April 3 2020 via JauneOrange in CD, LP and all Digital formats.