Charlie Risso
The Light



Self Released
Vinyl EP/CD/Digital
Release Date
November 4, 2022


1. The Light
2. S.I.N.
3. Into the Forest
4. Landed on Speed



The nobility of the spirit is universal and eternal.

Charlie Risso‘s third work, although short compared to the previous being an EP, this time sees the artistic production of Federico Dragogna (Ministri). Mixed and mastered once again at Mattia Cominotto‘s Greenfog Studio.

The four tracks of the EP mark the evolution of the Genoese artist towards new sounds and emotional dimensions with intimate and sincere contents :

Title track The Light opens the EP with a strong spiritual value — and not necessarily religious — but more metaphorical, with Nordic and suspended cinematic sounds. It is an evocative song with a crescendo between glitch music and ethereal pop with Nordic electronic sounds reminiscent of bands like The DØ and Chromatics. Charlie’s voice leads to alternate dimensions and The Light symbolizes the evolution towards a higher stage by abandoning earthly futility. A new point of view that leads to enlightenment.

The second track is titled S.I.N. and it is actually the acronym for summer in Norway, the country where it was written. The song, with its suspended sound, punctuated by a sure and regular beat, describes the feeling of being in surprising natural contexts which, despite the difficulties of everyday life, can positively influence a complex relationship, often marked by emotional distances.

Nature as a metaphor and recurring element within the EP. The third song is in fact entitled Into the Forest. The song fluctuates between electronic beats and dreamy acoustic openings that recreate sensations of a journey into the unknown, the forest as a place of fear. As long as the circle closes by returning to the light through dark branches, light can be glimpsed again. (The song is already permanently included in the musician’s live setlist).

The last track is Landed on speed. “Speed” intended both as the speed of having suddenly arrived in a new environment where everything runs fast and at the same time as a substance that alters the natural state of the individual. Transported by the suspended orchestral sound of the song, you suddenly find yourself in an environment where others around you consider themselves superior and haughty thus creating greater distance in communications.

The Light will be released on November 4 2022 on all digital platforms worldwide.