The Somnambulist
Moda Borderline & Live im BLO



Acid Cobra/Slowing Records
Release date
February 25, 2022


Moda Borderline (album, 2010)
12th Anniversary Reissue
1. Red Carpet
2. Don’t You Want to Devour This War?
3. Luce
4. Moda Borderline
5. 80’s Violence
6. Quinto Mistero della Gioia
7. God Is Not a Good Shot
8. Alice Never

Live im BLO (EP, 2022)
1. A Ten Thousand Miles Long Suicide Note
2. Deeply Unutterable & Unimpressed
3. 80’s Violence
4. The Slowing Clock
5. Red Carpet


The Somnambulist

Slowing Records


After two years from the release of their last studio album Hypermnesiac, the Berlin-based “genrefluid” band THE SOMNAMBULIST are back with a double publication due on February 25, 2022.

The digital re-issue of the 2010 debut album Moda Borderline (featuring the alternate artwork by Christian Del Monte back then discarded for a different cover) and the previously unreleased 5-tracks EP Live im BLO, recorded during a gig at B.L.O. Ateliers in Berlin on June 8, 2018 and presenting songs taken from both Moda Borderline and the 2017 double album Quantum Porn.

THE SOMNAMBULIST’s debut – originally released on May 10, 2010 by Amaury Cambuzat of Faust and Ulan Bator for the nowadays no more active Acid Cobra Records – has been at the time praised by the independent music press for being “an album of great elegance, captivating and subtle” (Indie Rock Mag), “romantic and insidious, vehement and dark, of a preciousness both thoughtful and wild” (SentireAscoltare), “intense and endowed with a large and coherent sound panel” (Muzzart) and “profound and complex” (RockIt). Performed by Marco Bianciardi, Rafael Bord (Les Hurlements d’Léo) and Marcello S. Busato, it’s been recorded by Till Kreische in August 2009 at Antje Øklesund, a former audiovisual laboratory and live venue later razed to the ground by Berlin’s gentrification.

Finally available for download and streaming on digital platform, after 12 years Moda Borderline still stands out for its farsightedness and originality, retroactively representing the kickoff for a music project that in the last decade never stopped once to amaze for its uncompromising vision; while Live im BLO (recorded by Markus Dassau and featuring Marco Bianciardi, Thomas Kolarczyk and Leon Griese) is a precious document of what THE SOMNAMBULIST at their core have always been above all: a live band, capable to challenge and entertain the audience with intense and hypnotizing stage performances.

But the most exciting aspect of this double release is that is just a harbringer of what’s coming next: the dropping in Spring and Winter of two brand new EPs, featuring new studio material that will surely be able to surprise and exceed any expectation of what this band is still yet to become.