The Staches
This Lake is Pointless



Les Disques Bongo Joe/Six Tonnes de Chair
Release Date
March 1st 2019


1. Great Depression
2. Fake Stomach Ach
3. Savory Savior
4. Beaver Love
5. Thank God For Mc Donald’s
6. WV Race
7. The Shape Of Their Eyes
8. In Vain
9. Hyper Punk
10. Hummus


The Staches is a 10-year relationship. They are not a couple, nor two couples, neither a “quadrouple’’, but do love each other, and do fight sometimes. Becoming masters and mistresses in the art of managing the goat and the cabbage, they create together songs, or tricky strategies challenging any tags or boxes. Driven by the fear of the Undefined, some have tried to describe their music and confused themselves with designations like punk, post-punk, lo-fi pop, prog rock, garage and lost themselves even more with comparisons with any rock band including at least one woman. Fool that they are. Who the fuck cares. These young dinguses are fun to listen to and fun to watch. Punkt.

The Staches are from Geneva, Switzerland, and for obvious reasons, they are now based in Leipzig, Germany. Their upcoming LP « This Lake is Pointless » will be released on March 1st 2019 on Les Disques Bongo Joe (CH), self-recorded at home in their beloved « Proberaum », late at night, when even the toughest metalheads next door are asleep.

Their first LP « MACHINE » (Burning Sound Records, CH) was released in May 2014 and their first single « There’s Something in Between » (La Suisse Primitive Records, CH) came out in October 2014. A second single « Como Se Dice » (Frantic City (F) / Azbin Records (B)) went out in February 2015 and the maxi 45 « EP III » (Six Tonnes de Chair (F)) in September 2015. The Single “Total Commitment” was released this September 2016 on Six Tonnes de Chair (F) and their album “Placid Faces” has been released on November 4th 2016 on Les Disques Bongo Joe (CH), recorded in San Francisco by Kelley Stoltz. It has been released in the USA via Dumpster Records in December (tape format). In October 2018, they released a single 7” titled « Great Depression » via Six Tonnes De Chair / What We Do.