Bitter Moon
The World Above



La Suisse Primitive
Release Date
May 8 2020


A1. Zenos Paradox
A2. Images
A3. Spurlos
A4. Eva

B1. Formlos
B2. The World Above
B3. Gloria
B4. Still Stiller
B5. Kontaktseinheit



“A hall of mirrors, fed by the blinding sun.
Endless reflections, an ocean of possibilities, each wave heading in the direction of yet another figment of reality.
A street that abruptly ends… the stars… the sky… all vanishing into nothingness.
Nothing is no longer beautiful, everything hurts.
Stranded, the superhuman starts to think like a brain in a tank – out of Plato’s cave, straight into the depth of the latest Simulacron.
So it goes.
Nonetheless, for that is how we were programmed, we do beat on, higher and higher, towards that light, towards the world above.”

The World Above is BITTER MOON’s first Long Player. Prompted by a chance encounter with New German Cinema, the concept album was first envisioned in BITTER MOON’s winter hideout in the Swiss Italian Alps.

The bare compositions were then taken to the hills of Lisbon, the city in which Dutch multi instrumentalist Jacco Gardner was living and had located his recording studio. Somnium had just come out of the pressing plant, Gardner’s visionary move towards dreamy and cosmic explorations of the visual nature of sound was the reason why BITTER MOON – whose music has been described as Audiocinema – had contemplated a collaboration in the first place.

Together, armed with magnetic tape, a dying Optigan and a handful of analogue synths, they patiently waited for the narrative to unfold.

All percussions were performed by Nic Mauskovic, mastering courtesy of Simon Heyworth (Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno).

The album will be released on vinyl by La Suisse Primitive Records on Friday, May 8 2020.

— All songs written and performed by Réka Csiszér and Simon Bernardoni (BITTER MOON)
— Percussions by Nic Mauskovic
— Produced, recorded and mixed by Jacco Gardner
— Mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering
— Album / Art Direction by Ronny Hunger
— Setdesign: Paola Caputo
— Photographs by Paola Caputo and Ronny Hunger
— Filmstills: Paola Caputo and Alper Yagcioglu