Izzy & The Black Trees
Trust No One



Antena Krzyku
Release Date
November 20, 2020


1. Trust No One
2. Picasso’s Octopuss
3. After Dark
4. King of Gardens
5. Mr. President
6. Scream Sea Lions
7. Strangers Allow
8. Kite Dancer



Izzy and the Black Trees bring female led energy that can be compared to early Blondie, Pj Harvey, Patti Smith band, mixed with fuzz, guitar riffs, memorable lyrics & melodies

Founded in 2018 by the singer and band leader, Izabela Izzy Rekowska who spent some time in London working-up her songwriting skills. They have released their dark folky ballad single Winter’s Coming Down in March 2018. The song as well as its epic music video instantly gained recognition by various indie radio stations in the UK, the U.S and even Australia.

Same year, in September, their debut EP was self-released. In autumn 2019, the rock’n’roll infused single Picasso’s Octopuss revealed a feisty, fuzz ridden sound which is present throughout the new LP “Trust No One”.

Their live shows are full of punk and rock’n’roll energy. In 2019 they played among other shows at Westway LAB (PT) and Spring Break (PL) showcase festivals – selected as INES Talent 2019.

Trust No One is a multilayered punch, raw and firm, with melodies and guitar riffs that stay in your head for a while.

Lyrics about social alienation, fear of the future, a need to escape. Picasso’s Octopuss, King of Gardens, Trust No One those ones hail to the outsiders.

Scream Sealions is a noise based escapist spree which takes us to carefree, beatnik San Francisco. Strangers Allow, with the sound of noisy saxophone, takes us back to the lost highway.

Trust No One has been released on April 7 2020 in Poland and will be available to European audience on November 20, 2020.

You guys sound like Patti Smith band, great vocals and guitar riffs” — Chelsea Wolfe band (USA)