Last Quokka
Unconscious Drivers



Stock Records/Mass Prod
Release Date
September 4, 2020


1. Privilege
2. Turquoise Bay
3. Wake Up Geoff
4. Saints
5. Conversations
6. Punks in the Palace
7. People
8. Colony
9. Suffocation
10. Pictures of the End


After five years of playing, organising, partying and travelling together Australian punk rockers Last Quokka have launched their fourth release, Unconscious Drivers.

Recorded at Hopping Mouse studios in Fremantle, the ten-track LP is a high-energy sonic bombardment that combines catchy riffs, driving rhythms and acerbic, often hilarious lyrics. From ripping into privileged keyboard warriors to protesting the spectacle of war and even serenading former Australian premier Geoff Gallop, Unconscious Drivers has a little sumthin-sumthin for everyone.

After playing throughout Australia and South-East Asia, supporting some incredible acts including Gang Of Four, Mclusky, The Meanies etc and playing festivals such as Camp Doogs and Perth Fringe Festival, Last Quokka have honed their punk sensibilities to produce an explosive, socially conscious sound that is sure to resonate with many in these crazy times.

Unconscious Drivers is available via Stock Records (Australia) and Mass Prod (France), as well as on all streaming platforms.

Last Quokka were set to tour Europe in 2020 but have had to delay to 2021 due to the pandemic.