Various Artists
Underground Mutant Pop
(The Sound of Freaksville Vol. 2)



Freaksville Music
Release Date
September 27 2019


Disc 1
1. Android 80 – We Love Drugs
2. Miam Monster Miam & The Loved Drones – Charleroi 2035 (James Race Remix)
3. Deadride Phantom – Phantom Is Alive (Long Version)
4. Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam – Chronophonie
5. Phil MFU – Marooned on Mercury
6. Android 80 – David Bowie Had a Discotheque
7. Benjamin Schoos – The Last Ninja
8. King Lee – Le Fluide
9. Kinshasa Mantra (Long Version)
10. Juan d’Oultremont – Otages
11. Man From Uranus – Cindy Looper
12. Justin Paton – Acid Being Snaked

Disc 2
1. King Lee feat. Sandra Kim feat. Juba – Dancefloor 3000
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam – Gossipo Perpetuo
3. Man From Uranus – Speedform
4. Benjamin Schoos – The Takeshi Att Cloning
5. Man From Uranus – Hot Pursuit
6. Ufo Goes Ufa – Interlude Extraterrestre
7. The Loved Drones – Electric Blue Moon
8. Bimbo Delice – Epic.Bright.Dirty
9. Phil MFU – Conflicting Reports
10. Rocky Gaspard – The Icecream Boy
11. Juan d’Oultremont feat. Isabelle Wéry – Suicide One Point


For thirteen fascinating years the Belgian mutant pop label Freaksville has been experimenting with sound so you don’t have to. These modern-day Dadaists with machines have been pushing envelopes in the darkest corners of Liège and Brussels and then disseminating them via the internet and more traditional media. Freaksville has been met with critical acclaim and a healthy cult following, enabling them to further explore the outer frontiers of sonic eccentricity.

Underground Mutant Pop (The Sound of Freaksville Vol. 2) brings together a collection of cosmic, mind-blowing tracks from the label’s roster, numbering 23, naturellement (the mystical number for 23rdians, and a figure representing sexiness for the Ancient Chinese). Yes, hide the guitars and burn the flutes, Freaksville goes electronic! 23 unadulterated, forensic journeys into electronica from such great artists as The Loved Drones, Jean-Jacques Perrey and David Chazam, Man From Uranus, Rocky Gaspard and Freaksville supremo Benjamin Schoos.

The compilation kicks off with a controversial love letter to narcotics – with a twist. Android 80’s ‘We Love Drugs’ transmogrifies into something altogether more alarming as its seven minutes unfold, with a distressed narrator crying: “And the real me got weaker, and the drug me got stronger” in a broad St. Helens accent over a pounding synthetic rockabilly rhythm. It has to be heard to be believed, and there’s no let up from there on in…

The late, great electronic pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey is honoured not once, but twice, on this compilation, with the delightfully named ‘Chronophonie’ and the mind-melting stereo, electro-operatic genius of ‘Gossipo Perpetuo’. Elsewhere, ‘Charleroi’ by the Loved Drones, mixed by James Race, invents an indefinable sci-fi DIY trance music, and Benjamin Schoos’ ‘The Last Ninja’ is like a mighty meeting of the electronic giants Jean-Michel Jarre and John Carpenter (Jarre and Carpenter did actually collaborate on the former’s Electronica project, though the less said about that the better). Other highlights include Deadride Phantom’s underground classic, ‘Phantom Is Alive’, visual artist Juan d’Oultremont’s trap western, ‘Otages’ and King Lee exploring exploding head syndrome and nocturnal emissions with the help of Juba and 1986 Belgian Eurovision winner Sandra Kim on ‘Dancefloor 3000’.

Underground Mutant Pop (The Sound of Freaksville Vol. 2) does what it says on the tin, and you don’t even have to have heard Underground Mutant Pop (The Sound of Freaksville Vol. 1) to enjoy it. Freaksville artists are influenced by the sounds that surround them, and they’re students at the library of electronic sound, compiled and collected over the last 100 years; from Pierre Schaeffer to modern day EDM, via Yellow Magic Orchestra and Radiophonic Workshop, and then given a surreal Belgian twist. This is the compilation of your wildest and weirdest dreams.