Unik Ubik
I’m not Feng Shui



Humpty Dumpty Records
Release Date
March 25, 2022


1. Dan-jun
2. Rolled In Flour
3. I Am Not Feng Shui
4. Pinheads On The Move
5. Meszmerize & Vanish
6. Tractors And Cows Down To St James Infirmary
7. This Is The Day (feat. G.W. Sok)
8. Lazy Beezy
9. Gypsy S Revenge
10. Maggie Debloque
11. Right Or Contract


Unik Ubik, is festive. It is punk. It is crazy. It is transgressive. These four make up the best Belgian-French cross-border marriage the music world has ever known.

Furious, delirious, talented, defying any attempt at labeling, this beautiful team is punk in mood, jazz in obedience and psychedelic in tendency. Driven by a real pleasure in playing, the members of Unik Ubik stop at nothing, sticking to the devastating riffs of ethnologi- cal escapes, boosting the precision of their words with an unbridled exploratory madness.

Despite a revamped line up, the quartet returns fully loaded, their pockets full of a boiling third album bearing the sweet name of I’m not Feng shui. On the program, 11 stirring tracks including a cover of Tuxedomoon and a collaboration with G.W. Sok, the historical singer of The Ex.

In less than 40 minutes, Unik Ubik takes up the challenge of producing a coherent album while revisiting 50 years of rock music (we think of The Ex, Television, James Chance and The Contortions as well as recent bands such as Black Midi or Crack Cloud) through their sauce, with humor and in all lightness.