Jarring Effects
Digital/Eco-friendly LP
Release Date
April 9, 2021


1. Octopus
2. Aquatic
3. Nemo
4. Water For Life
5. Allo
6. Sea Horse
7. Ultra Abyssal
8. Subtil
9. Diving
10. Music Is a Game
11. Oceans


In april 2021, Uzul will be releasing Evolve, his debut solo album via Jarring Effects, a colorful new opus that breaks boundaries between music styles.

Stephane (aka Uzul), is a multi-faceted musician, defender of bass music for twenty years. He was initially the machinist of renowned dub group Kaly Live Dub (PIAS/Jarring Effects). Later on, he launched Hybrid Sound System, a breakbeat duo, and then the noise hip-hop band Uzul Prod. At the same time, he presents his project 4GetMeNot with a more UK bass aesthetic. In 2014, he formed the duo Granit with Molecule for a 4 track EP. With more than 11 maxi releases, the desire for a solo project has sprouted in his mind.

The result? Eleven suprising tracks breaking the codes and retracing the evolution of his music, his life and his influences. With Evolve, Uzul offers a bass music and techno album in which are distilled his multiple influences, from dub to dubstep via electronica, UK bass, deep house or even trip-hop.

The album begins with Octopus. With its heady sonar and its enchanting theme drowned under the bubbles of a scuba diver, this track gives the tone of the album. Immersed and cut off from the tumultuous world, we land in an aquatic musical universe. We explore the melodic and abysmal depths.

Water is the common thread of this album. We find it in the artwork, in the name of the tracks but also in a more conceptual way. From water arises life and it accompanies us throughout our existence. And that’s what it is about: Uzul takes us into his bubble mixing masterfully the musical styles that built him and made him dance over the years. The use of filters and sound effects ends up immersing us in this aquatic universe. We literally find ourselves underwater, cut off from the world, in a transformed reality. It is the track Aquatic that launches the album. The dub atmosphere brought in by synares and skanks mixes with techno colors, all supported by a groovy and glitchy bass. We continue with Nemo, a gentle ballad in a mysterious world. Its catchy groove echoes the UK bass and its electronica theme gives it a pop side.

The track Water for Life kicks off the more techno part of Evolve. An evolving and melodic title which takes on an English club tint and which is reminiscent of the sound system dub culture thanks to the chanted voices, the skanks and the bass line. With its beats and electronic sounds, Allo confirms the techno style of the album. A resolutely acid track but also very groovy thanks to its rhythm. It finishes on a typical dubstep bass line. A piece at the crossroads of several genres, just like the album. Techno exploration continues with Sea Horse. Its TB303 hypnotic synths sets the cold mood. The electronic wind tunnel and the metallic sounds evolves over this progressive piece. We reach the climax with Ultra Abyssal, a tribute to techno and deep dubstep. It’s groovy, its broken and it’s sure to set the dancefloors on fire!

After the storm, a nice electronic ride with Subtil, a deep dubstyle style mixed with electronic trip-hop sounds. A song that takes it all meaning when listening to the lyrics. “I’m feeling good” is the message Uzul wants convey. Faced with the torments of life, we must keep our heads high, continue to move forward and keep hope at all costs. A melancholy and sensitive track, amplified by the dreamlike theme played by Bernard Pelmoine (first keyboarder of Kaly Live Dub) invited for the occasion. We continue with Diving, the album’s most dub track. A nod from Uzul to his passive Jamaican music fan. The electronic atmosphere, in the spirit of Bill Laswell, led by a big bass line and hypnotic percussion, rhythms this tittle which should satisfy the amateur of this genre. Music Is a Game is a tribute to the rave movement to which Uzul has been part of. This techno track is tempered by the melodica reggae theme, produced by Lion (musician of Dub Empire). Oceans is a smooth closing of the album. We end up on a soaring dub trip-hop production.

Evolve proves that in music, we can break codes to reach harmony.

The album will be released in Digital and also in eco-friendly Vinyl format. The artist takes care of the environment, accompanied by his label in this process.