Paolo Spaccamonti
Volume Quattro



Escape From Today/Dunque
Release Date
September 20, 2019


1. Cuocere verdure e fare il brodo con le ossa
2. Ablazioni
3. Nina
4. Nessun codardo tranne voi
5. Un gelido inverno
6. Rimettiamoci le maschere
7. Paul dance
8. Fumo negli occhi
9. Tutto bene quel che finisce
10. Luce
11. Diagonal


Darkness needs to be crossed alone. This is probably what the Torinese composer and guitarist should have thought, when approaching to the idea that was to become his fourth solo album (the eleventh, counting also the myriad of collaborations in which he has been involved). Ten years after Undici Pezzi Facili, Paolo decides that time to chase a movie directed by others, is definitively over. There is no need for images to dig in the core of one’s own heart. And then (almost) no guests, for a journey through depths that claim loneliness. A journey that starts and ends on the chords of a guitar, the one and only of Paolo, the last stronghold.

Every single sound is generated by the guitar, with the exclusion of the scarce beats of the hip hop hypothesis of Ablazioni. All around, is sound that uncovers new paths, suggests ideas, chases ghosts. It is natural that the spaces of the recording studio (never so present and physical as this time) become instrument themselves, lovely captured by the masterful handmade sound design of Gup Alcaro. Allowing Spaccamonti to penetrate through an intimate and raw path of sound, obscure but demanding light at the end. As the human soul, torture and delight, as the one of Paolo. Never as bare as now. Through the terminal Paris, Texas of Nina, the empty spaces of Un Gelido Inverno, the syncope of Paul Dance that opens up to the Sunn O))) limbo of Fumo Negli Occhi. At the end, the glance upwards of Luce, to seek for a possible way out. Abandon yourselves to the stories of Volume Quattro, to its essential truth.

— Mauro Fenoglio (Rumore)

— All music by Paolo Spaccamonti
— Recorded and produced by Gup Alcaro at Superbudda, Torino except ‘Paul dance‘ by Maurizio Borgna
— Mixed by Maurizio Borgna
— Mastered by Patrick Higgins
— Cover art  by Laura Fortin


About the Artist
Guitarist and composer, the Turin-based Paolo Spaccamonti has in only ten years become one of the leading figures of the italian avantgarde scene thanks to an extremely rich discography made up of solo records (Buone Notizie, Rumors) and collaborative albums with some of the best artists this country has to offer (Stefano Pilia, Mombu, Ramon Moro, Daniele Brusaschetto, Paul Beauchamp) as well as musicians from abroad like Einsturzende Neubaten’s Jochen Arbeit with whom he released CLN in 2018. All this while also taking part in reading works, television (RAI’s “I mille giorni di mafia capitale” alongside Riccardo Sinigallia) and movie soundtracks (“I Cormorani”, “Lo spietato”), silent movie scores (Once upon a time, Vampyr) and an amazing number of live collaborations with musicians like Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance), Jim White (Dirty Three), Julia Kent, Damo Suzuki (Can), Emidio Clementi (Massimo Volume) and other artists like he photographer Jacopo Benassi, the video artists Masbedo and Donato Sansone, Valter Malosti and the sound designer Gup Alcaro.