von Stroheim
Love? Who Gets Love?



Uproar for Veneration/Off Records
CD (Uproar for Veneration)/Digital (Off Records)
Release Date
April 5th 2019


1. Moth
2. For a Beautiful Girl
3. Pulp
4. Spit
5. Cigarette Smoke
6. Wire
7. Red Raw
8. Blood Institute


Von Stroheim, described as some variation of a “doom band“, fulfills that promise in ways very possibly unintended by those claiming either (or both) doom and bands: they’ve made a record that’s a soundtrack for the doomed. Which is almost totally different. With a nod to Austrian director Erich von Stroheim, the record Love? Who Gets Love? is a biting treatise on love soured where all of the femmes fatales are fatal and as voiced by singer and theremin player Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock (with guest appearances by Pete Simonelli from Enablers and Caroline Blanchet (ex-Choo Choo Shoe Shoot), set in stone in a darkening world view successfully evinced by the guitar and synth work of producer Raphaël Rastelli.

Eight songs, violins by Franz Krostopovic (Pale in Grey), guest vocalists, artwork by David Crunelle, and surprises galore make this sleeper release of 2019 totally unlikely to let you sleep.

Von Stroheim was formed at the end of 2013 in Brussels, Belgium by singer Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock (Baby Fire, Keiki…), guitarist Raphaël Rastelli (Keiki…) and drummer Christophe Van Cappellen.
The band’s debut EP Sing for Blood was released on Navalorama Records in April 2015 in a limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies in black kraft with printed inserts.
Christophe Van Cappellen left in December 2015 and was replaced by John Thys.

In the Spring of 2017, von Stroheim were artists in residence at La Maison des Musiques (Brussels) to work on a live soundtrack for Impatience, an avant-garde film by belgian director Charles Dekeukeleire (1928).

Drummer John Thys left the band during the summer of 2017 but kindly recorded 6 tracks out of 8 on Love? Who Gets Love? A year later he was replaced by Yannïck Daïf, who recorded the remaining songs.

The trio has been described a cinematic doom, compared to PJ Harvey singing with Black Sabbath, Neurosis featuring Jarboe, OM, Hexvessel, and even “Amon Duul II in salsa stoner”.

Von Stroheim has opened for bands such as Enablers, Jucifer, OvO, Morkobot, Ronin, Le Singe Blanc, Martin Bisi, etc.

Line up
Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock: voice/film samples/theremin Raphaël Rastelli: guitars/synths/theremin
Yannïck Daïf: drums