The Poison Arrows
War Regards



File 13/Coup Sur Coup
Release Date
February 25, 2022


1. War Regards
2. Mood Swings I Don’t Know
3. Shallow Grave
4. Night Coffee
5. We Are Collateral
6. Seek Harbor
7. Shattered General
8. Laterally Speaking
9. Altered Medication


Chicago’s The Poison Arrows’ 4th album ‘War Regards’ is out worldwide February 25, 2022 (with Pre-orders starting December 1, 2021). The digital and vinyl will be release number 100 on File 13 Records. A cassette version is available from Canada’s Coup Sur Coup. The album was completed throughout 2019, with the music and some vocals recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio Studio A in three days. Justin recorded the rest of his vocals at his house. Brian Deck mixed the album at his Narwhal Music Studios in two days. April Golden mastered the album in one day. The album (and first track) is named after someone emailing Justin and accidentally signing it ‘War Regards’ instead of ‘Warm Regards.’ The band found that to be hilarious and fitting in today’s times.

Despite being in a lot of bands for the last 30 years, neither bassist Patrick Morris, drummer Adam Reach, nor guitarist/vocalist Justin Sinkovich has ever recorded a 4th album with any of their other bands. ‘War Regards’ is true to the The Poison Arrows’ recognizable form, yet is their most laser focused album to date. The song structures are succinct, and the recordings get to the point with very few extra overdubs besides a few percussion accents, and a quickly recorded second guitar to balance the left and right sides throughout the album. There is one addition, the album’s one guest, rapper Sterling Hayes of Chicago’s SaveMoney (Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp). Sterling went into a studio to provide his feature in the middle of track 5, “We Are Collateral.” Sterling Hayes and The Poison Arrows had been seen performing this track and others live around Chicago leading up to recording the album.

Their last LP, 2017’s ‘No Known Note’ received a great deal of critical praise and the band was active after its release with their first European tour, and shows in the US with bands like June of 44, Drahla, The Messthetics, Film School, Savak, and their practice space mates FACS and Matchess. All three members of The Poison Arrows also collaborated on a second Acquaintances album which also featured Jered Gummere of the Ponys and Richard Vain, Stephen Schmidt of Chino Horde and Thumbnail, as well as Chris Wilson of Titus Andronicus, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and Hammered Hulls. ‘War Regards‘ was supposed to be released in the spring of 2020 with tours booked in Europe and the US, but everything was delayed due to the pandemic. The band took a break to hide out for over a year, but have gotten back to work. They just released the ‘I Can’t Quite Get Organized – EP‘ with one new track and four remixes. They are rehearsing for live shows as well, including two with Girls Against Boys in early 2022.