When the Vowels Fall



Sérotine Records/Tractor Notown
Release Date
September 23, 2022


1. Brother Bomb Blues
2. Utter Matter
3. Medicine
4. For You, My Love
5. Down Goes To Blue
6. Can’t Breathe
7. Krant & Schaar
8. A Case Of Fire



This is not the first time that Anthony Laguerre and G.W. Sok have worked together. Since the release of Like it is, the most recent opus of Filiamotsa from 2015, the two artists have wanted to reconnect for a project spanning poetry, indie rock and symphonic orchestra. In 2020 and 2021 they created L&S.

In this work, Sok’s texts are sublimated by the compositional goldsmithery of Laguerre. Anthony’s musical writing is influenced by a vast genre-leaping range : Swans, Bastard, Shellac, Melvins, Can, Beak, Portishead, Alvin Lucier, Pierre Schaeffer, Luc Ferrari and Gil Evan. For L&S they brought in Jean-Michel Pirès on drums (The Married Monk, Bruit Noir) and Eric Thomas on guitar. It was with the orchestra of the GAM of Nancy, conducted by François Légée, that they had their first concert. The same orchestra was recorded for the album, “When the Vowels Fall“, this time conducted by Laguerre.

G.W. Sok and Anthony Laguerre have honed their skills for more than ten years. For the project L&S, the format could be cause to expect a form of sung intimacy. However, the first notes having barely just sounded, what comes to mind is storms and life-saving gusts of wind. This collaboration has borne a fruitful exchange. Sok’s poetry has infused Laguerre’s music, and Laguerre was at the ready for Sok’s poetry to come to him, apparent both in the heart of these rock combo compositions and in the flights of symphonic orchestra. Imbued with an inalienable tenderness, Sok’s gravel voice rushes forward, maskless and unleashed, and Laguerre gives free rein to all the nuances, chiselling and scansions that the voice of the co-founder of The Ex has to offer. And so opens a convulsive universe of perfectly classy elegance.” Guillaume Malvoisin

When the Vowels Fall” forthcoming CD, vinyl, and digital release on 23rd September 2022 via Sérotine Records (France) and Tractor Notown (Netherlands).

G.W.Sok: voice and text
Anthony Laguerre: composition, guitar, bass, organs, and drums.
Jean-Michel Pirès: drums
Eric Thomas: guitar

Orchestra: Gradue Ad Musicam of Nancy conducted by Francois Légée

Guest violin: Bastien Pelenc on “A Case Of Fire”

Recorded from 17th to 22nd September 2020 at Vega Studio de Carpentras by Anthony Laguerre and Jean Michel Bourroux.

Orchestra brass and strings recorded at CCAM/Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy by Anthony Laguerre, Philippe André and Nils DeDeyne.

Woodwinds and tubular bells recorded at the Auditorium of CIM Bar-Le-Duc by Anthony Laguerre and Stéphane Levigneront.

Mixed at Shadyn Studio by Anthony Laguerre in December 2020 and January 2021.

Mastered by Jean François Hustin at Studio Organic, Liège in February 2021.

Orchestra on the recording conducted by Anthony Laguerre.