m o k r o ï e



Self Released
Release Date
November 19, 2021


1. Blood Type (remix by m o k r o ï e for Howlite)

2. Natural [Unstoppable Process]

3. The Ropes (remix by m o k r o ï e for TRANK)

4. In Troubled Times (remix by m o k r o ï e for TRANK)



About the artist and the EP
m o k r o ï é
is Francesco Virgilio’s electro (trip-hop, pop, industrial, soul) project combining music, image, video and remixes. Over the years, with GLOBAL-SYSTEM-ERROR, MACHINES & SOUL, and now WORKS2K21, m o k r o ï é continues his collaborations and explorations.

After the release of critically acclaimed MACHINES & SOUL late 2019, Francesco devotes his time to different projects including WORKS2K21 an EP to be released digitally on November 19, 2021. It features one new instrumental track and three remixes for bands and collaborators Howlite (Australia) and TRANK (France).

About the Remixes
Francesco’s involvement through the remix proposals he receives from artists with distinct styles allows him to experiment and develop his creativity while expressing emotions he is eager to share with the audience.

He recently teamed up with Melbourne based band Howlite. His remix of their song Blood Type will be released on November 18 2021.

He also worked with alternative electro alt-metal French rock band TRANK on the reissue of their album “The Ropes”. This Deluxe version of the album includes two m o k r o ï é’s remixes for song “In Troubled Times” and title track “The Ropes”.

About the new track
Natural [Unstoppable Process]
is a new post-apocalyptic electro rock, explosive and psychedelic instrumental track.

It is being released together with a 3D animation music video directed by Josué Esparon describing an unleashed, indomitable, and destructive nature, continuing the climatic ravages made exponential by humanity, unable to take responsibilities.